Self-managed Superannuation Funds

We firmly believe that Self-Managed Superannuation is the best vehicle to secure your retirement future.  For those wanting to take control of their superannuation with the flexibility to integrate superannuation into long term financial goals for themselves and family, SMSF's are the answer.

SMSF's are the fastest growing sector of the industry.  There are over 460,000 SMSF's in Australia that form an integrated part of many people's long term savings, retirement and family estate plans.

SMSF's also provide great tax saving advantages.  The general tax rate of 15% can be reduced as low as 0% through application of strategic pension options.  Peter is an Accredited SMSF specialist Advisor who provides members and trustees with strategies to take full advantage of these benefits.

At Englehardt Superannuation & Accounting we provide a full and comprehensive SMSF service.  We set up funds, administer funds, assist with investments, insurances and provide pre-retirement and retirement strategies.

Please contact our office for a copy of our SMSF General Information Guide. 

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